Bezzerwizzer Familie (DA)

299,00 DKK

Bezzerwizzer Family Edition contains 2400 questions in 16 categories. It can be played by in two to four teams, consisting of one or multiple players.

In each turn the teams are asked questions in four randomly chosen categories. The teams are allowed to order the categories, as the points received for a correct answer is increased for each category.

The game itself is a battle on trivia in 16 different categories such as. 'Books', 'Language' and 'Food and Drink', the board is large and spruced up with 300 images that are actively involved in the game. The images used in both the questions and as clues that can be used if you compete against children around the table.

In this way, the classic Bezzerwizzer suddenly more inclusive of different age groups, but also intelligence, as the pictures make the game much more visually oriented.

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